This series of workshops entitled “Case studies – analysis and reporting skills” has been designed for students from the University of Turin’s Law Department.


40 hrs – 13 lessons


Students will be involved in the practical experience of discussing their strategy with a team and then “going live” against a panel of justices and putting forward their case. The workshops will be based on a series of business and legal case studies giving law students the opportunity to put into practice what they learn at university when representing their client. It will show them how to analyse cases, create workable strategies, predict the other side’s arguments and present their findings and proposals.

List of topics

  • Analyse business and legal case studies
  • Setting goals, building arguments, preparing convincing case and memorandum
  • Planning the negotiation, anticipating the other side’s needs and strategies
  • Negotiate, compromise and re-evaluate different positions
  • Find common ground with counterpart and draw up a contract profitable to both parties.
  • Claimants and respondents discuss the case and strategies before the court
  • Journalists will take notes to write an article on how the arguments evolve and the justices’ decision.